Road to Hades

Road to Hades
Road to Hades

A musical, fantasy/horror/mystery, docu-experimental, narrative micro short. A fictional depiction of ferryman Charon and the ancient belief connected to Hades and the fiery River Styx as the gateway to the land of the dead.

The above, as a vessel to showcase and document a spectacular sunset. According to Greek mythology, ferryman Charon had the role of transporting departed souls to Hades (the land of the dead), from the land of the living, across the Styx and Acheron Rivers. Only those who were buried with a gold coin inside their coffin can cross to Hades for eternal rest.

With an epic sunset and 4K footage of the Fox River, the Bay of Green Bay, and Algoma’s Crescent beach and lighthouse (all in Wisconsin), this original production includes added fictional elements such as a seagull (Charon’s servant) collecting the spiritual essence of a gold coin to bring it to Charon as payment, straight from a coffin right at sunset. Also bay-side original footage of seagull flying low over a pelican that turned into fright/defensive mode, adding a scare element to the legendary belief.

Introduction narrated by award winning VO artist, Freddy Moyano (over 30 audio productions on and many IMDb VO credits), who also produced this film. Freddy is also a former Best Wildlife Film award winner with Fair Weather Sandhill.

Directed by Freddy Moyano (USA)

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