Intruders – Intrusos

Intruders - IntrusosA group of students from an arts school organize and review pending projects for the production of a short film that represents their final cycle work and, with it, the opportunity to advance to the next grade.

The day of filming, already at the house that will be a filming location and while the equipment, props and so on go down, someone watches them from the inside. No one in the group realizes that they are being watched, much less the experience that awaits them.

Each member of the team concentrates on his task: some install lighting, others lay cables; some more practice with the camera and others review their parliaments. The youngest of the group have left to study their lines without distraction.

It is they who discover a girl from outside the team, with a sweet appearance and old and worn clothes, who runs and takes the stairs to the basement. That little girl is part of a family of INTRUDERS who sneaked in and has been living in the house for a long time.

This meeting between students and intruders will lead to a great lesson for everyone.

Directed by Miguel Sahid Rodriguez (USA)

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