Laura in Between

Laura in Between
Laura in Between

When Laura starts talking about her real feelings, the magic begins to appear. She lives her routine at home, and it may seem that she doesn’t care about who she is more than about her daily tasks and situations. But deep inside, Laura cares. Still, she doesn’t even know until one of her multiple work calls takes her to a whole new place.

This creative work is very personal as a writer, a director, and an actress. I present a self-portrait extensible to anyone that strives to find themselves somewhere, just changing some of the pieces. It’s a game, like life itself, where a lot of feelings and situations come together, sometimes even erratically—humor, anger, anxiety, relief, playfulness. However, when you eventually find yourself, you might need to repeat the process repeatedly, because when growth is real it never stops.

Directed by Maria Rotger (Spain)

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