Nothing In The World

Nothing In The WorldNothin in tha world
I can’t handle like it’s nuthin
I’m tha focus and the subject
And tha topic of discussion
And I never had a budget
So cant never say I’m frontin’
I just built it now it’s somthn
Makin somthn outta nothin

U can front but u don’t want it
Like I want its why I got it (now)
Man I got it man I caught it
run it like an option (now)
I got options, now I’m flossin
Foreign borders, what Im crossin
German engine what I’m whippin (skrrt)
I just learned to see it different

Burn em wit my vision
Earn respect or get it
Don’t care if they listen
If they pay attention
Then they’ll really get it
Get in where u fit in
Or just fit in where u get in
It’s obvious that I really did it
When so many fuckin didn’t
Pills slowed me for a couple of minutes
Now I don’t hide tha pain I just learned to live wittit
Embracing change, and now I see it different
So many slavin, intense tunnel vision
9 to 5, just stayin’ alive
So many slaves to themselves
And an Eye for an eye When it really ain’t rite
Why most of tha rich go to hell.

Original Song written by R L Bartlett aka Slicc Lee and JAG (USA)

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