Dear Aunt Noa

Dear AuntLogline:
A worldly transgender environmental activist from bustling LA and a struggling family-man mechanic from small town Ohio walk into a bar, their years of friendship tested by shades of gray in a modern America desperately masquerading in starkly contrasting monotones.

Childhood best friends Noa, a transgender environmental activist from Los Angeles, and Jerry, a struggling family-man mechanic from Ohio, reunite over cocktails. But can their bond survive the weight of a violently divisive society? Can we agree to disagree anymore? Is persuasion a dead art or should we just burn it all down?

“Dear Aunt Noa” explores the conflicting intersection between friendship and ideology. Love and belief. In an “All or Nothing” world where everyone is muting out the other side and retreating to their echo chambers, “Dear Aunt Noa” addresses this avoided, uncomfortably painful conversation head on and reveals humans to be the truly nuanced and complex creatures that we are, instead of just crude, digestible caricatures of “us” and “them.”

Directed by Dana Aliya Levinson and Michael Armstrong Barr (USA)

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