The Vibes

The VibesThis silent short film – The Vibes; has been written and shot in the interest of emphasizing on the effects of the vibrations that we share and absorb or the assets or objects around us absorb from us and from others. We know that everything around us is made of pure energy and this energy vibrates thus forming frictions and connections and we term that as our gut-feelings and instincts; passing some messages to us; for us to be aware of, for us to try to understand something between the lines and makes us intuitive about situations and people around us.

In the film two guys see each other from a distance; in a restaurant and they hesitate to open conversation with each other, because they have never met each other nor have they ever seen each other in their whole life or merely because culturally, ethically or rationally we don’t go and open random conversations with strangers; merely fearing a negative reciprocation.

In the first half of the run time of the film, the viewers get to see something magical – After they see each other in the same pool side restaurant; the two guys get to share the same hotel room; leaving the viewers flabbergasted and confused of their uncanny closeness and yet the indifference in their behavior; even though they’re being seen in the same hotel room.

It is only towards the end of the film, that the viewers come to know that even though they were in the same hotel room; their activities have been chronicled “combining” the two check-ins and check-outs of the two different days of them individually occupying the same hotel room.

The very last scene of the film gives the viewers a probability of understanding; how the vibrations in the hotel room may have given the two guys the courage or the trigger to connect with each other and to attempt to open a conversation.

The core message of the film is only to help the viewers understand the vitality, effect and the influence of these vibrations and what they can cause or effect in our lives, our hopes, our wants, our desires, and so on… The film is not focused on passing any message for or against any group, cast, clan, religion, belief, faith, orientation, nationality, or tribe.

Directed by Mark Tyler Rénfro (India)

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