The Legend of Um Elmagareen

From the deep Egyptian province, the story begins with Safaan, the governor of Um Elmagareen village, after what happened with Bahana, the blear-eyed girl and Safaan’s foster daughter. She came at three a.m. and told him that she saw Um Eltananeen (an ancient goddess) in her dream telling her that Saafan has a pharaoh ancestor who died 5000 years ago. Safaan did not understand anything. How with a blink of an eye a pharaoh grandfather pops up into his life just like this. Too crazy to be real. Safaan took all her narrative as a silly joke. Next day, during the happy morning hours, Safaan remembered to tell Bahana to stop her silly stuff about her pharaoh dream fantasies, but it seems Bahana was not the only person that was present; someway somehow, Um Eltananeen has captured her body and started to talk through her saying many gibberish words. Safaan could not understand anything. Right after Um Eltananeed left her body, he found a piece of papyrus on Bahana’s lap. It is a perilous journey starts when Safaan begins his quest to unveil the meanings in that papyrus and his ancestor’s story.

Directed by Moeez Alrammah (USA)

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