Technical Categories: Nominations of September 2020

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Best Producer

Chase Pearson and Emily Mulholland for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Eli Wensley for Sourdough (Australia)

Evaline Wu Huang and Jeffrey Penman for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

George Blagden for L A R A (UK)

Justice Gamble for Wow (USA)

Luca Vannella, Alexis Continente, Vincenzo Mastrantonio, Bobby Holland Hanton, Ferdinando Merolla, and Roberto Paglialunga for Lion (UK)

Matthew Perkins for Metrics (USA)

The Bridge Co. and Jade Chase for We to Me (USA)

Best Director (Female)

Angela DiMarco for It’s Hidden Within (USA)

Anisha Savan for He Comes From a Good Family (USA)

Bronny Lane for Bad Dad (Australia)

Heather Horner and Kody Newton for Affective (USA)

Lauren Campedelli for A Good Shake (USA)

Mellinda Hensley for Across The Room (USA)

Norah Xi for He/She (China)

Savannah Sivert for Cranberry (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Ben Hess for Maggie (USA)

Dan Tudor for White (Romania)

Davide Melini for Lion (UK)

Eoin Bourke for Nightswimming (Ireland)

Jeffrey Penman and Mike LoBello for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Jeremy Bassett for The Call (USA)

Ken Sagoes for The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (USA)

Niklas Hermansson for Luna (Sweden)

Best Student Director (Female)

Alekya Malladi, Gesthimani Roumpani, and Yanrong Yang for Incognito (USA)

Fedha Nazar for Peachy (Kuwait)

Holly Lehren for Are You There, Andy? (USA)

Jennifer Karlsson for Bare Intimacy (Australia)

Keyi Zhang for The River Will Carry Them (China)

Lorgia Velasquez for A Brief Encounter (USA)

Savannah Sivert for Cranberry (USA)

Vivian Full for The Escape Room (Canada)

Best Student Director (Male)

Chase Pearson for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Daniel G. Roberts for The Robot Vacuum (USA)

Dylan Filingeri for Vacation (USA)

Hari Ganesh for Double Stack (USA)

Jinyang Zhang for The Master (USA)

Moses Feldman for Town & Gown (USA)

Rafaël Beauchamp for La Crise (Canada)

Scott Dexter for Silver City (UK)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Alison Mobley for Office Cheer (USA)

B. Monét for Phases of the Moon (USA)

Émilie Tommasi for The Gliwensbourg Chronicles (France)

Esther Mira for Inn Communication (USA)

Madison Stewart Leonard for Flush Lou (USA)

Marie Tollec for Un Autre Jour à LA (USA)

Maya Nohrstedt for ForeSight (Sweden)

Wenting Gao for Summer Attic (China)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Fabrizio Gómez for Photographs (Paraguay)

Jack Barton for Zombies2020 (Australia)

Jason Harang for Down the Bayou (USA)

Jeffrey Penman and Mike LoBello for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Jonah Lindley and Nils Terton for Sourdough (Australia)

Kyle Lane for Vac Attack (USA)

Max Nelson for The Holdover (USA)

Rhythum for Free Rider (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Arnold Shin for What It Takes (USA)

Dylan Keeffe for A Beggar’s Peace (USA)

Nat DiCicco for Smile, You’re On Camera (USA)

Best Actress

Amy Okuda for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Calista Masters for Maggie (USA)

Esther Mira for Inn Communication (USA)

Jennifer Levinson for Vac Attack (USA)

Katie Preston for Affective (USA)

Maya Nohrstedt for ForeSight (Sweden)

Meganne Kocher for Infection (USA)

Sam Stokes for The Call (USA)

Best Actor

Dan Tudor for White (Romania)

Ervin Musabelliu for The Dark Web (USA)

George Blagden for L A R A (UK)

Nick Schermerhorn for Unit 8 (USA)

Soledad Hassett for Bad Dad (Australia)

Best Supporting Actress

Ana Mafalda for Lullaby (Portugal)

Kristen Vaganos for Bound For Glory (USA)

Ravyne Payne for Cranberry (USA)

Shely Ben-Joseph for Terraforma (Israel)

Tania Mercader for Lion (UK)

Best Supporting Actor

Bobby Moynihan for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Gus Langley for Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead (USA)

Kelcey Watson for Wow (USA)

Marc Brown for Maggie (USA)

Michael Segal for Lion (UK)

Best Child/Young Actress

Beatriz Frazão for Lullaby (Portugal)

Isabel Holmes for Hydrate (USA)

Kyriana Kratter for Dr. Daddy (USA)

Margot Anderson-Song for See Through Me (USA)

Ryleigh Leggett for Wow (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

Channing Brisbane for Essential (USA)

Dorian Duta for It’s Hidden Within (USA)

Pedro Sánchez for Lion (UK)

Riley Looc for Wow (USA)

Tyler Keogh for See Through Me (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Brandon E. Burton and Cloteal Horne for The Promotion (USA)

Chance Gibbs and Tom Young for A Serious Predicament (USA)

Heather Ludwig and Esther Mira for A Good Shake (USA)

Lauren Hubbard and Justice Gamble for Wow (USA)

Lorenzo Hunt and Jeffrey Pierce for Free Rider (USA)

Michael Naizu and Derik Young for Bound For Glory (USA)

Peter Greene and Danny Diablo for Priceless (Canada)

Tony Bartele and Brock Jones for The Processed (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Amy Okuda, B.J. Novak, and Bobby Moynihan for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Antaneise Henderson, Ahsan Siddiqui, Brieyonna Monet, and Lindi Cecile for I’m Press (USA)

Brett Rickaby, Amanda Lamberti, Paola Deocampo, and John Elsen for Jane Doe (USA)

Karisa Tate, Zach Tinker, Cait Fairbanks, Tyler Johnson, and Christian LeBlanc for Across The Room (USA)

Loretta Devine, Kaleb Alexander Roberts, Hiram A. Murray, Melvin Ward, Bob Rumnock, Thomas Gipson, Pablo Sandstrom, Kevin Flood, Temple Poteat, Sammie Wayne IV, Michael Nelson, and Ronan Barbour for The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie (USA)

Manon Pages, Jeff Pearson, Jansen Nunez, Mary Risener, Lorna Street Dopson, Jared Bankens, Rudy Eisenzopf, Michele Rossi, and Olivia Peck for Down the Bayou (USA)

Michael Zuccola , Eduardo Refael, Terry Donahue, Michael Dell’Orto, Courtney Danforth, Christine Altan, and William Galatis for Out With It (USA)

Timothy J. Cox , Colleen Sproull, Ray Bergen, Kathy McCort, Kate McGarrigle, Erin Patrick Miller, Joan Shangold, Coco Conroy, Greer Barnes, and Mike Drew for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Chase Pearson for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Dan Tudor for White (Romania)

Jason Harang for Down the Bayou (USA)

Jonah Lindley for Sourdough (Australia)

Michael Davis for Infection (USA)

Nathan Osborne for We Only Know Violence (Australia)

Nonie Shiverick for Scales (USA)

Rachel Hemsley, Ervin Musabelliu, and Andres Di Bono for The Dark Web (USA)

Best Production Design

Affective (USA)

Alexa Velasquez for Vacation (USA)

Anisha Savan and Pekky Savan for He Comes From a Good Family (USA)

Carlos J. López and Carlos B. Luise for Lion (UK)

Ecology of Being (Canada)

João Pedro Frazão for Lullaby (Portugal)

Lucy Shalders and Shannon Lyons for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Town & Gown (USA)

Best Cinematography

Alexa Velasquez for Vacation (USA)

Deangelo Harding for Vac Attack (USA)

George Blagden for L A R A (UK)

Juanma Postigo for Lion (UK)

Kuan Cao for The Master (USA)

Nuno Martini for Lullaby (Portugal)

Paul W. Sauline for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Tobias Hellsten for ForeSight (Sweden)

Best Editing

Daniel Salinas for Lion (UK)

David di Donato for We to Me (USA)

George Blagden for L A R A (UK)

James Grisom for Vacation (USA)

Katrina Pastore for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Luna (Sweden)

Naifu Cui for He/She (China)

The Robot Vacuum (USA)

Best Sound Design

Christian Valente for Lion (UK)

George Blagden for L A R A (UK)

Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Phil Michalski for Infection (USA)

Sibi Sekar and Marius Paulikas for On Floating Bodies (India)

Best Sound Editing

Christian Valente for Lion (UK)

Colby Mike for Tank Talk (Episodes 1-5) (USA)

In Case We Get Found (USA)

The Shade (USA)

We to Me (USA)

Best Sound Mixing

Christian Valente for Lion (UK)

David Roman for Follow Leader (Canada)

JF Machet and Jack Barton for Zombies2020 (Australia)

Kyle Pham for Vac Attack (USA)

Moses Feldman for Town & Gown (USA)

Best Original Score

Brandon Boone for Infection (USA)

Dane Danish for Down the Bayou (USA)

Francesco Tresca for Lion (UK)

Haibei Wang for The Untitled Portrait of Red (USA)

Ignacio Ramírez for Ay Antonia (Argentina)

Jogger Xiong for He/She (China)

Joseph Shabason for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves for Ecology of Being (Canada)

Best Special FX

Damien Rowley and Chris O’Neill for The Call (USA)

Sarah O’Brien for Lion (UK)

Sourdough (Australia)

Best Visual FX

Casey Balbontin and Mark Alan Loso for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Follow Leader (Canada)

L A R A (UK)

Luca Visual FX for Lion (UK)

Luna (Sweden)

Best Costume Design

April Hickman for The Promotion (USA)

João Pedro Frazão for Lullaby (Portugal)

Julia Paley for A Good Shake (USA)

Michelle Rose for Angel in Disguise (USA)

Tracey Osborne for We Only Know Violence (Australia)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Amanda Woods for Affective (USA)

Amber Weinberg for The Promotion (USA)

Chanel Panagiotopoulos and Crystal Trottier for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Daniele Nastasi and Niamhy Glynn for Lion (UK)

Lindsey DeLaney and Julia Paley for Inn Communication (USA)

Mary Munoz and Sebastian Pena for Lizzy’s Plan (USA)

Michelle Rose for Angel in Disguise (USA)

Sophie Hessey for We Only Know Violence (Australia)

Best Special Makeup

Bronwyn Morris for Bad Dad (Australia)

Emma Campbell for A Serious Predicament (USA)

Katia Vieira for The Shade (USA)

Kristen Daniels for Game Night (USA)

Sarah O’Brien for Lion (UK)

Best Set Design

Carlos J. López and Carlos B. Luise for Lion (UK)

Cranberry (USA)

L A R A (UK)

Olivia Ferguson for Melinda’s Wish (USA)

Plea or not to Plea (USA)

Tick (USA)

Vac Attack (USA)

Vacation (USA)

Best Original Song

“Angel in Disguise”, by Michelle Rose, for Angel in Disguise (USA)

“Come Back Home”, by Piera Van de Wiel, for Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) (UK)

“The Roar of the King”, by Francesco Tresca, for Lion (UK)


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