Genre Categories: Nominations of September 2020

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the round of September competing in 66 different categories. These projects were shortlisted from a 32,2% acceptance rate official selection pool, based on submissions from 27 countries with a total runtime of 72:52:49.

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Best Horror Short

He Comes From a Good Family by Anisha Savan (USA)

Household Demons by John Gray (USA)

Infection by Michael Davis (USA)

Lion by Davide Melini (UK)

Luna by Niklas Hermansson (Sweden)

Sourdough by Jonah Lindley and Nils Terton (Australia)

The Shade by Tyler Chipman (USA)

Vac Attack by Kyle Lane (USA)

Best Gore Short


Best Sci-Fi Short

L A R A by George Blagden (UK)

Metrics by Grant Bergland (USA)

The Processed by Joshua Sowden (USA)

Best Comedy Short

A Good Shake by Lauren Campedelli (USA)

Across The Room by Mellinda Hensley (USA)

Coffee by Sungho Chun (USA)

Crab by Felix Crumbsy (USA)

I’m Press by Emmanual Fordjour (USA)

Inn Communication by Esther Mira (USA)

Out With It by Jaci Kjernander (USA)

The Robot Vacuum by Daniel G. Roberts (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Bad Dad by Bronny Lane (Australia)

Down the Bayou by Jason Harang (USA)

The Call by Jeremy Bassett (USA)

The Golden Calf by Adam Howard (USA)

The Jungle of Accounting by Chase Pearson (USA)

The Pact by Tyler Wallach (USA)

Together Till The End by Salvador Medina (Mexico)

Zombies2020 by Jack Barton (Australia)

Best Thriller Short

Closer by Michael Vargas (USA)

Free Rider by Rhythum (USA)

Mimic by Zachary Debedout (USA)

Revelations by Alex Sanchez (USA)

Runner by Jack Murillo (USA)

Terraforma by Drew MacPowell (Israel)

The Believer by Huntr McMillan (USA)

The Dark Web by Andres Di Bono (USA)

Best Mystery Short

ForeSight by Maya Nohrstedt (Sweden)

Luna by Niklas Hermansson (Sweden)

The Other Side by John Cale (USA)

Tick by Jack Settipane (USA)

Vacation by Dylan Filingeri (USA)

Best Crime Short

A Serious Predicament by Jason Vandygriff (USA)

For A Living by Bryan Suarez (USA)

Jane Doe by Brett Rickaby (USA)

Plea or not to Plea by D.M. Fazio (USA)

Priceless by Tom Vujcic (Canada)

Reckoning by Armando DuBon Jr. (USA)

Red Carpet by Kevin V. Tudor (USA)

The Protege’ Project…Chapter: 1 by Benny Tjandra and Lovie Johnson (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Red Carpet by Kevin V. Tudor (USA)

The Call by Jeremy Bassett (USA)

White by Dan Tudor (Romania)

Best Fantasy Short

Adversary: The Wicked and the Dead by Korea Black (USA)

Dystopia by Romain Rodrigues (France)

He/She by Norah Xi (China)

Hydrate by Nat DiCicco (USA)

Lion by Davide Melini (UK)

Melinda’s Wish by Jeffrey Penman and Mike LoBello (USA)

Swimming With Fishes by Zachary Ayotte and Dany Foster (Canada)

The Master by Jinyang Zhang (USA)

Best Indie Short

Keep Me In The Dark by Erica Matz (USA)

Phases of the Moon by B. Monét (USA)

The Promotion by Andre Griffith (USA)

The River Will Carry Them by Keyi Zhang (China)

The Twilite Hour by Warren Cook (USA)

Wireless by Criss Gidas (Australia)

Yellow Dress by Kristen Johnson (USA)

Zaco by Watanabe Takehito (Japan)

Best Drama Short

La Crise by Rafaël Beauchamp (Canada)

Maggie by Ben Hess (USA)

Nappy Heads by Landon White (USA)

Nightswimming by Eoin Bourke (Ireland)

Scales by Robbie Barnes (USA)

Tambay (Stand-By) by Zyril Nica Bundoc (Philippines)

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie by Ken Sagoes (USA)

The Promotion by Andre Griffith (USA)

Best Animation Short

Dystopia by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

The Bat and the Matt by Stefan Janoski (USA)

Bench by Rich Webber (UK)

RenaiDance by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, and Han Chen Chang (USA)

All Hail the Champion by Eric Lochstampfor (USA)

That’s My Boy! by Alex Vvedenskiy (USA)

Ouroboros by Madisyn Dell (Canada)

Tank Talk (Episodes 1-5) by Mike Salva (USA)

Best Children Short

8 Days Of Lights by Julie Garcia-Briceno (USA)

Childhood In The House by Yuzhi Zhu (China)

The Days We Share by Chantal Gabriel (USA)

Best Romantic Short

Across The Room by Mellinda Hensley (USA)

Rendezvous by Hiroki Utsunomiya (Japan)

The Distanced by Justin Timpane (USA)

The Untitled Portrait of Red by Simeon Hu (USA)

Wow by Justice Gamble and Alex Benjamin (USA)

Best Women Short

A Good Shake by Lauren Campedelli (USA)

Affective by Heather Horner and Kody Newton (USA)

Bare Intimacy by Jennifer Karlsson (Australia)

Cranberry by Savannah Sivert (USA)

Firefalls by Ariel Neo (France)

It’s Hidden Within by Angela DiMarco (USA)

Summer Attic by Wenting Gao (China)

The Other Side Of Me by Roseline Gnapi (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short

Ãh by Alex El Dahdah (Lebanon)

He/She by Norah Xi (China)

What We Don’t Tell by Zachary Ayotte (Canada)

Best Documentary Short

Adam by Christine Auger-Zivic (USA)

Are You There, Andy? by Holly Lehren (USA)

Excessive Force by Fred Sprinkle (USA)

GiveBack BeMoved: Barbados by Ricky Mendez (USA)

Natalie’s Point of View by Abigail Fuller (USA)

Running Through Life by Craig Bingham (UK)

We Demand Justice by Anthony Tilghman (USA)

We to Me by Jade Chase (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Boop by Adrian Buckmaster and Muffinhead (USA)

Dimensional Travel by Merewenn Nero (Canada)

Down the Bayou by Jason Harang (USA)

Ecology of Being by Nicola Hawkins, Duo Concertante, and Melissa Hui (Canada)

Follow Leader by Scott Johnson (Canada)

Incognito by Alekya Malladi, Gesthimani Roumpani, and Yanrong Yang (USA)

Living Past It by Matt Ryder (UK)

Rehearsal by Omar Aziz (Egypt)

Best Microfilm

All Hail the Champion by Eric Lochstampfor (USA)

All Is Not Lost by Eric Strang (USA)

In Case We Get Found by Sarah Young (USA)

Plea or not to Plea by D.M. Fazio (USA)

Running Through Life by Craig Bingham (UK)

The Robot Vacuum by Daniel G. Roberts (USA)

Threadbare by Derek Adam Thomas (USA)

Vacation by Dylan Filingeri (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Bound For Glory by John Wilcox (USA)

Tank Talk (Episodes 1-5) by Mike Salva (USA)

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles by Émilie Tommasi (France)

Best Web and New Media

Dr. Daddy by Soeun Park (USA)

Office Cheer by Alison Mobley (USA)

Stay by Alex Arnold (UK)

Best Mobile Short

Fragments by Dhun Sharma (Canada)

I Want To Be a Fashion Designer by Maria Rotger (Spain)

Ogygia by Henry Valo (Finland)

Rules For The Heart by Ruby Gonzalez (USA)

Speak To Me!!! by Robert L Glenn (USA)

Best Screendance Short


Best Music Video

Angel in Disguise by Joshua McGrane, Ironclad Productions, and Michelle Rose (USA)

Come Back Home (Abaco Relief Song) by Piera Van de Wiel (UK)

Dimensional Travel by Merewenn Nero (Canada)

It’s Been A While Since I Went Outside by Danielle Eva Schwob (USA)

The Love by Ell Aych and Rich and Full Entertainment (USA)

Best Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short


Best Trailer/Teaser


Best Short Script

Ashes by Alicia Ocana (USA)

Gas! by Lee Bailes (Sweden)

Neighbor Versus Neighbor by Anthony Catino (USA)

New Moon 5280 by Dean Harakas (USA)

Obolus by Kim Fabienne Hertinger (Germany)

One Night by Domenic Toliver (USA)

Refractions by Paula Rossman (USA)

The Experiment by Samanthia Nixon (USA)


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