Genre Categories: Nominations of March 2023

The following projects (short films, TV & web series, and screenplays) are the finalists of the season of March, competing in 65 different categories. These works were shortlisted from an official selection pool with acceptance rate of 40,2%, based on submissions from 14 countries with total runtime of 31:52:50.

The nominations are placed on the top 34,2%.

***Categories not listed have no submissions meeting the requirements***

***Categories TBA have 2 or less projects with eligible scores for awards. The announcement of the award winner(s) for these categories is done along with the award winners of all of the other categories***

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Technical Categories: Nominations of March 2023


Best Horror Short

Maryla by Guillaume Heulard (France)

Portrait by Georgy Keburiya (France)

Water Dawg by Christopher Baiza (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short


Best Indie Short

Code 103 by Romana Vujasinovic (Serbia)

Everything In Its Right Place by Alexander Clavijo (USA)

Paris is Just a Big Dirty City by Alexandra Papoulias Barton and Zak Fishman (USA)

To Say Goodbye Is To Die A Little by Michele Ly (USA)

Truck Fishing in America by Shelley Delaney (USA)

Best Drama Short

Am I Not My Brothers’ Keeper? by Nick Stanchev (Bulgaria)

Angeles by Hannah Fay Folingo and Alexis Grace Adams (USA)

Heroes And Puppets by Shang Jung Wu (Taiwan)

Losing Eric by Jai Santiago (USA)

Vuelve by Osiris Pichardo Grullón (USA)

Best Documentary Short

Tremor by Rob Scherer (USA)

Veterans and the Scourge of Invisible Illnesses by Moe Taylor and Kristal Kent (USA)

Witch, Reborn by Maria Shevtsova (UK)

Best Comedy Short

Election Day by Salim Souami (France)

Exposé by John Webb (USA)

Nobody Likes Raisins by Natasa Eleftheriou (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Inside The Boxers by Vincent Aliperti (USA)

Men in Cars by Molly Vernon (USA)

The Leak by Adam Nelki (UK)

The Pitchman by Demarcus Brown (USA)

Truck Fishing in America by Shelley Delaney (USA)

Best Film Noir Short


Best Mystery Short


Best Thriller Short

Awakening by Venkata Mangalagiri (USA)

El Paso 11:55 by Keith Jardine (USA)

Gemini by Tadeu Vieira Marinho (Brazil)

Look by Kip Knight (USA)

Women and Elephants by Barbara Stepansky (USA)

Best Women Short

Designated Driver by Joss Refauvelet (USA)

Escape from Tiger Mountain by Mandy Zelinka (USA)

Good Boy by Al Sierra (USA)

Nobody Likes Raisins by Natasa Eleftheriou (USA)

Something Wild by Emily Jayne Adams (USA)

Best LGBTQ Short


Best Romantic Short

Fragments by Matthew Luppino (Canada)

Not Meant to Be by Brayden Morin (USA)

That’s Enough Now Thanks by Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA)

Best Experimental Short

A Month. A Day. A Year. by Hunter Brockmann (USA)

Peculiar Encounters at the Drive In by Dustin James Leighton (USA)

Rum 444 by Peter Svenzon (Sweden)

Best Microfilm

Generic Drugs by Tim Barry (USA)

Shave Me From Myself by Jackson Schlekewey (USA)

The Trumpet Player by Patrick Reynolds (USA)

Best Music Video

Consensual by Jeff Hilliard and Joey Danger (USA)

Finger Bang Your Day by Jeff Hilliard and John Orphan (USA)

Hot Soft – Exportar by Maurício N. Santos, Pedro Zimmermann (Brazil)

Last Call Romance – One Step Too Close by Benjamin Hess (USA)

The Rebellion by Gabriel Hostetler (USA)

Best Screendance Short


Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Runestone by Robert C Bruce (USA)

The Risk Takers by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)

Unemployment by Nicola Carbonetta and David Katz (USA)

Best Mobile Short


Best Parody Short


Best Short Script


Technical Categories: Nominations of March 2023


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