Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.2 – Kids (11.50am -1.30pm)


In bitterly cold northeast China, generations of locals survive in the wilderness by hunting for their food. A young boy born into this culture develops a strong connection with the forest and the wildlife living there, while the relationship between the boy and his father grows increasingly tense, like the thick winter snow of winter that resists melting with the coming change of seasons.

Directed by Guodong Yu (China)


A hopeless baker’s attempt at taking his own life is interrupted by a persistent child in need of a birthday cake.

Directed by Max Mir (UK)

Sixth Grade

Gege, a sixth-grade girl, is moving away from the old neighborhood because her parents have decided to send her to one of the best middle schools of the city. She, with her best friend Wanli – a boy, in order to ‘be together forever’, comes up with many tricks to prevent her parents from moving, but finally realizes that nothing could be changed, they have to say goodbye. At last, however, Wanli comes up with an idea…

Directed by Yuzhuo Wang (China)

California premiere

In A Jungle ***PG-13***

Ayamgba is a predator that harbours stray kids in the remains of a wrecked ship where she resides. In order for the kids to have a roof over their heads, they must do her biddings.

Directed by Uduak Etukudo (Nigeria)

California premiere

A Clown’s Tale

Two rebellious clown doctors bring moments of joy and happiness to the terminally ill inhabitants of a hospice for children. But when they encounter Lena, a young girl that vehemently refuses to step into their world of clownery, the two put on the show of their lifetime to fulfil Lena’s last wish.

Directed by Alexander Frank (Germany)

Furthest From

In 1999, Novato, California, an 8-year-old girl named Jessie is enjoying what little time she has left with her best friend, Lucas. The two of them have difficulty conveying it, but they’re both aware as to what is about to happen. The trailer park they live in will be closed, and the whole community will be forced to evacuate.

Directed by Kyung Sok Kim (USA)