Block 9. Kids & Fantasies

Auditorium #14 | 11am-12.25pm

Timeless in the Metaverse

Reminiscence of an endearing human – inanimate companionship, stories from the past, dreams of a lifetime, immortalised in a future world where memories come alive, and the nostalgia is timeless.

Directed by Susan Mey Lee Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan (Australia)

(03:41) Nominated for Best Children Short

The Thief

After stealing a treasure from a nearby castle, a thief in medieval times finds a talisman that actives a magic mirror that confronts her with her early childhood and makes question her current lifestyle.

Directed by Arturo Brena (USA)

(03:25) Nominated for Best Animation Short

The Factory

Controlled by the Overseer, Phoenix enters the world as a new-born, to set off on the journey of life. Phoenix learns existence has been condensed into six video messages (infant, schoolboy, lover, soldier, justice, old man) taken from an ancient archive whose meanings have long been forgotten. An interpretation of Shakespeare’s sonnet “All the World’s a Stage” mixed with George Orwell’s “1984” and Aldous Huxley’s “A Brave New World”.

Directed by Gizmo Beardon (UK)

(04:48) Nominated for Best Animation Short – World premiere

Wall-E’s Old Man

After getting laid off by a factory where he’s worked his whole life, an old man is inspired to build a robot that long outlives him.

Directed by Jeff Blyth (USA)

(12:32) Nominated for Best Animation Short


Directed by Marcel Simoneau (Canada)

(10:01) Nominated for Best Children Short and Best Child/Young Actor – California premiere

The Empyrean

In a future world full of darkness and oppression, a young girl, inventive and determined, fights to see ‘the stars’ for the first time.

Directed by Hannah Smith (Australia)

(17:00) Nominated for Best Children Short


After mysteriously awakening in a barren alien landscape, a self-serving prisoner must conquer a series of grueling trials in order to reunite with his lost love.

Directed by Jason Sheedy (USA)

(10:00) Nominated for Best Fantasy Short


A brilliant madman known as The Director believes that Superheroes are a threat to humanity. With Captain Marvel and Blade in his clutches, their rivals Wolverine and Rogue must escape before they too are turned into one of his minions.

Directed by Mario Ricardo Rodriguez and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm (USA)

(21:00) Nominated for Best Fantasy Short

Runtime 01:22:27