Block 7. Sci-Fi

Auditorium #13 | 2.40pm-4.15pm

Night Visit

Ride along with a powerful assassin from another planet named Keylot. Her murderous mission becomes a little less malevolent after meeting an unsuspecting young woman in trouble.

Directed by Abdul Stone Jackson (USA)

(26:38) Nominated for Best Web Series/TV Pilot


This place has no memory of us. The bedrock here is only familiar with changing glaciers, wind, and the passing of time. The sediments here have no traces of humanity. No traces of tragedy. Here, the night sky is different.

Directed by Joakim Pusenius (Finland)

(25:03) Nominated for Best Sci-Fi Short and Best Male Director – California premiere

The Eye: Calanthek

An intergalactic maintenance worker travels to a distant planet to fix a fallen drone, only to discover a hostile force that won’t let her leave.

Directed by Aaron Sims (USA)

(08:59) Nominated for Best Sci-Fi Short

Zeroth Law

In the future, because of the global desertification, people hide in grottoes and live a frugal life regulated and protected by a high-tech society. An old man comes to the young man’s room and plays violin at 4 p.m. every day, while the young man who collects waste products is preparing to go to the outside world secretly. But the young man finds a colossal lie.

Directed by Junbo Qiu (China)

(15:00) Nominated for Best Student Short – World premiere


Imajuik is the only person left in Nuuk. It’s 2060 and the once so busy capital has been deserted due to a uranium mine explosion nearby. Suddenly Imajuik’s device detects one life form – but is that a good thing?

Directed by Marc Fussing Rosbach (Greenland)

(18:15) Nominated for Best Sci-Fi Short and Best Original Score

Runtime 01:33:55