Block 5. Crime & Mysteries

Auditorium #13 | 11am-12.45pm

One More Minute

A deaf store owner is caught amidst the violent robbery of her store, where she must try to escape against all the odds.

Directed by Srishti Chhabria (UK) 

(10:34) Nominated for Best Crime Short and Best Student Female Director – USA premiere


Caught in a rut at his thankless job in New York City’s seedy underworld, a worn out delivery man attempts to find purpose in his life. As he struggles to navigate a city that feels like Hell, the delivery man finds comfort in his only friend, Tito. Distraught and desperate to change the course of his life, a chance encounter may solve his problems once and for all.

Directed by Anthony Notarile and Andy Tworischuk (USA)

(24:05) Nominated for Best Crime Short and Best Actor

Dead Right There

A police officer fights to remain grounded as the justice system fails a victim of addiction and domestic abuse.

Directed by Steven J Sabell (USA)

(29:23) Nominated for Best Crime Short

Above Us

In a world where the rain never stops falling, a famous inspector in end of career investigates a series of occult murders while preparing his young colleague to take over.

Directed by Pierre Fittante (France)

(11:53) Nominated for Best Web Series/TV Pilot and Best Student Male Director – North America premiere


An upright policeman who is abhorring evil as a deadly foe, accidently “creates” a gross injustice, in his pursuit of truth and justice.

Directed by Yuang Lin (China)

(30:00) Nominated for Best Thriller Short and Best Student Male Director – World premiere

Runtime 01:46:25