Block 2. Love & Other Stories

Auditorium #12 | 12.45pm-2.25pm

The Lonely Doryman

In 1960’s Portugal, a fisherman finds himself stranded on a mysterious island and uncovers what it means to be truly alive against all odds.

Directed by Noah Duarte (Portugal)

(18:19) Nominated for Best LGBTQ Short – Los Angeles premiere

Das Duas Uma

Alice and Diana’s world is perfect within four walls. The problem is when reality forces them to face the problems of their relationship and sexuality.

Directed by Bernardo Gomes de Almeida (Portugal)

(11:34) Nominated for Best Romantic Short – North America premiere

The Wall

A woman tries to paint her living room wall in an attempt to deal with a recent breakup.

Directed by Valeska Miller (USA)

(15:58) Nominated for Best LGBTQ Short – California premiere

A Love Song At The End Of The Time

A love song unfolds the lifelong love story of two old people.

Directed by Miao Yike (China)

(05:00) Nominated for Best Romantic Short – World premiere

Letters for Lost Lovers

An intimate portrait of two lovers suffering from dementia and their fractured existence, set across three timelines and centred on the true, tragic love story of Héloïse d’Argenteuil and Abélard in 12th century France.

Directed by Faisal Ahmad (UK)

(22:32) Nominated for Best Romantic Short, Best First Time Male Director, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Original Score

One More Day

A 24 hour journey in the life of a man in the middle of his 30-something life crisis, right after a breakup of his long term relationship. His search for belonging and protagonism in a moment in his life that he ends up feeling more comfortable as a mere spectator.

Directed by Lufe Berto (Brazil)

(23:47) Nominated for Best Original Screenplay

Runtime 01:37:10