Block 11. Noir & Other Mysteries

Auditorium #14 | 2.35pm-4.10pm

Men in Cars

A teenage girl in Texas finds the object of her desire and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it as she becomes the subject of a bloody Bayou City True Crime podcast. 

Directed by by Molly Vernon (USA)

(08:33) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film)


Official music video Övergivenheten by Soilwork.

Directed by Hanna Oldenburg and Johan Kuurne (Sweden)

(06:24) Nominated for Best Music Video

The Fourth is of a Devil

Nina and her partner Dato bite off more than they can chew when they con a mysterious Stranger.

Directed by Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze (Georgia)

(21:22) Nominated for Best Film Noir Short – USA premiere

The Harbinger of Death

A Neo-noir story that deals with an ominous inquiry after dark.

Directed by Kenneth Yeung (USA)

(10:16) Nominated for Best Film Noir Short and Best Acting Duo


Claire and her husband’s family celebrate his mother’s birthday, but when Claire reveals surprising news, she must contemplate a life-changing decision that puts herself and the entire family at risk.

Directed by Sarah Hanner (USA)

(16:22) Nominated for Best Film Noir Short – Los Angeles premiere

This Be the Verse

A young man takes a trip to his dilapidated childhood home to inform his monstrously deformed parents he’ll be leaving the area for a job, but they don’t take the news well.

Directed by Noah Chandler Hense (USA)

(17:30) Nominated for Best Mystery Short and Best Supporting Actor – World premiere


A crazed plumber risks both his career and prison when he finds his wife in bed with another man. As he drives furiously around the Californian desert in his Camper, he screams at a framed picture of his wife placed on the passenger’s seat and proclaims that what he did was to protect her and honor their wedding vows.

Directed by David Joseph Higgins (USA)

(13:00) Contender for the 2024 Annual Awards (guest film)

Runtime 01:33:27