Block 1. Women

Auditorium #12 | 11am-12.40pm

Climate Diaries: Heather’s Story

Go underwater with one of the only female geoduck divers in the Suquamish tribe as she explores the personal, spiritual and economic impacts of the climate emergency on the Salish Sea.

Directed by Ali Scattergood and Berit Anderson (USA)

(08:06) Nominated for Best Documentary Short – World premiere

Mad Martha

In 1976 a young woman claimed to have had an extraterrestrial encounter. 45 years later, it has had a lasting impact on the town and it’s residents.

Directed by Jesse Leaman (Australia) 

(14:35) Nominated for Best Documentary Short – North America premiere


The first short film made to survive online sexist censorship rules in an effort to change them.

Directed by Yuca (USA)

(04:08) Nominated for Best Microfilm

Safer This Way

Spiraling through a panic attack, an emotionally-isolated Chinese-American woman confronts her inner demons in a fight for her own safety.

Directed by Danny Erb (USA)

(06:49) Nominated for Best Experimental Short – World premiere

The Long Game

When Hannah discovers her husband is cheating, she agrees to throw one last dinner party to secure him a promotion. But what exactly is in that rabbit dish?

Directed by Lauren McLaughlin (UK)

(18:10) Nominated for Best Women Short, Best First Time Female Director and Best Ensemble Cast – USA premiere

Hardly What You Want to Hear

A newly engaged hard-of-hearing hairdresser’s hearing aids get hacked!

Directed by Christine Marshall (USA)

(10:13) Nominated for Best Women Short, Best First Time Female Director and Best Actress – Los Angeles premiere


After being sexually assaulted by a well-respected professor, a reclusive Chinese American girl who grew up in an abusive family struggles to find her voice while her mother tells her to be silent.

Directed by Mingjie Tang (USA)

(22:52) Nominated for Best Student Short, Best Student Female Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor – World premiere

This Little Girl

A mother with a substance misuse issue, has to prove herself on her path to recovery, to prevent her child from being taken away from her and placed into care.

Directed by Annette Westwood (UK)

(15:00) Nominated for Best Women Short, Best Female Director and Best Supporting Actress – Los Angeles premiere

Runtime 01:39:53