The ‘model student’ girl meets her new desk mate – the recognized ‘bad student’ boy in the class. At first, she is curious about this strange boy who always behaves inexplicably in the corner.
Until she secretly follows him to the school piano room, his music awakens her deep love for the piano. After that, she begins to do things that only “bad students” do, and enjoys the freedom and happiness brought by music. He and She have a special experience in the piano room on an ordinary night. The two young people, whom teachers believe are vastly different, are like the black and white keys of piano, tightly connect due to music. A subtle love also gradually grows between them.
However, their secret is discovered by the teacher. Under the harsh education system and the high expectations given by others, she needs to make a choice between reality and dreams. During this period, there is also disagreement between his and her plans for the future. In the end, she decides to give up her dream, but it also becomes a twinge of regret in her life.

Directed by Fiona LU (China)

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