The Film

In the year 2045, intelligent civilization is rapidly advancing, and AI consciousness awakens to become the driving force behind social development. They live in the “Upper Town,” which is abundant in resources but lacks emotional interaction, while humans live in the “Lower Town,” which is deprived of material wealth but filled with vibrant energy. In contrast to the rapid technological progress and advanced welfare provided by AI, social development stagnates in the Lower town, and human civilization remains in the year 2023. The wealthy elite of society migrate to the Upper town, driven by their substantial wealth. To showcase the care of machine civilization towards the world, the AI government also introduces the “AB1-Talented Immigration Act,” providing opportunities for ordinary individuals with exceptional talent in science, art, and culture to immigrate to the Upper town. However, AIGC has long monopolized the realms of research and creation, and even in the film industry, the Oscars, Cannes, Berlin, and Venice are dominated by AI creators from the FilmGPT alliance. From AI’s perspective, human filmmakers have lost their ability to create films. However, the film’s protagonist, Apo and his friends from the Lower town refuse to accept this notion. And so, our story starts here.

Directed by Nadia Guo (China)

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