Space Ryder

Space Ryder is a sci-fi action-adventure short film that follows Ryder, an intergalactic bounty hunter in pursuit of his white whale: a monstrous alien creature that has eluded his capture for years. As Ryder sets out on a mission to finally capture the elusive beast, he travels to a remote planet, where he traverses through otherworldly landscapes, faces incredible dangers, and ultimately comes to question his own identity as a hunter.

Shot in just five days at the ROE x disguise VP stage, Space Ryder features over 12 virtual environments created in Unreal Engine 5. The film showcases the incredible potential for virtual production in the indie filmmaking space, and demonstrates how this cutting-edge technology can empower filmmakers to create highly imaginative, immersive narrative experiences on a limited budget, without compromising on the scope and spectacle traditionally associated with big-budget studio productions.

Directed by Jeff Kenji Yamashita (USA)

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