The Last Piece of the Fallen Leaf

The story happens in a modern-day Chinese high school. A fifteen-year-old teenage girl, Zixi, has always been the target of her class bullies, Ling, Tong, Ouyang, Junan, and Yang. The school is holding an annual art festival with a special singing competition. Zixi is a talented singer, however, she never gets recognized by anyone because of her arguable physical appearance. Meanwhile, Ling, the meanest bully in the class, also wants this chance to compete. Their music teacher, Mrs. Su, recognized Zixi’s situation, and she wants to help her get the opportunity. Zixi and her best friend, Anqi, overheard the conversation between Mrs. Su and their headteacher, Mr. Liang, about how Zixi’s physical appearance is not good enough to represent their class. Because of this, Zixi decided to start her three-week extreme journey of losing weight. For the dinner before the competition, her mom, who has no clue about Zixi’s anxiety about weight loss, makes her a feast to celebrate her participation in the singing competition. Zixi, who has been starving for three weeks, isn’t able to resist a table full of her favorite food. Meanwhile, her parents, again, start to argue without noticing Zixi’s abnormal reactions. Zixi finally gets triggered and binge-eats all the dishes, and she runs to the bathroom and purges up her food.
Finally, on the day of the competition, after her weeks of extreme diet and her unpleasant encounters with the bullies, she has a mental breakdown and blacks out while she’s on the stage. The lack of understanding from her parents, her best friend’s betrayal, and her teachers’ inability to help had ended up leading her to make a decision that she can’t take back.

Directed by Yoko Chen (China)

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