The Reel

“The Reel” is a thought-provoking visual narrative that explores the enigmatic world of an artist whose presence is questioned throughout the story. The film follows the journey of a newly engaged writer, Mary, as she becomes increasingly concerned about her fiancé, Jack. Intrigued by the elusive artist whose work captivates the community, Mary confides in Jack’s friend, Ali, about her growing obsession with uncovering the artist’s true identity.

Central to the short film is a projector, which serves as a metaphor for one’s own reality, pushing and pulling the narrative forward. As Mary delves deeper into the artist’s world, she begins to question if the artist is real or simply a figment of her imagination. “The Reel” masterfully explores themes of identity, creativity, and the blurred lines between reality and illusion, leaving the audience pondering the true nature of the unseen creator.

Directed by Zachary “Jesushands” Fernandez (USA)

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