My Little Astronaut

Out of touch with reality and struggling with mental illness, August finds himself in a fantasy world. He spends most of his life within the crippling boundaries of his dissociative mind.
Following a failed attempt August makes an effort to improve the state of his mental health in hopes of feeling a sense of belonging.
In the midst of a toxic household August clings to his younger sister Sophie as his only source of sanity. Sophie naturally finds comfort in August due to his child like sense of wonder and exploration.
Obsessed with the idea of life beyond earth, August cultivates a plan to travel to space to begin his new life amongst the stars.
Through the eyes of Sophies innocence she imagines August traveling to Proxima Centauri, a mutually beloved star.
August inspires Sophie’s lifelong admiration for the unknown nature of the cosmos.
“My little Astronaut! When are you going to space?”

Directed by Israel Torres (USA)

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