The Risk Takers

Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan are three young minorities who hit rock bottom on their quest to achieve the Hollywood dream. They each work dead-end day jobs, with little pay, as they each pursue different areas of the movie industry. After particularly stressful days at work, the three decide to stop being “feathers in the wind” and take control of their destinies. They will create opportunities for themselves. They will make their own feature film.

But they have a problem: No funding. RING! Xano gets a call from his sketchy ex-roommate Cid. Cid tells them of a drug deal that needs transporters. The drugs will go to a local Hollywood kingpin named Hange. Xano wants no trouble, and being Latino, he does not want to give in to stereotypes. But Cid offers a reward. Three-hundred thousand dollars. Cash. Realizing it may be the only way to fund their feature and achieve their dreams, Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan hesitantly agree to transport the drugs.

The trio pick up the drugs and meet with Hange and her henchmen in an abandoned parking lot. Hange has a generous smile that hides a sinister demon. She takes the drugs and gives them the cash but notices something’s off. The drugs are fake. Hange is seemingly unbothered as the trio look on anxiously. Hange goes to her car and pulls something out.

It’s a headless body. This poor soul lost Hange’s drugs and forfeited his head. Hange demands the heads of Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan. The henchmen attack. Daisy takes the lead as she takes on the henchmen and Hange. Xano and Irrfan help best they could. Daisy’s day job as a self-defense instructor gives her a fighting chance. After a gritty fight, Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan are the last ones standing. Hange and her henchmen lay dead.

Time passes. Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan hang out when Irrfan lets the other two know that he took some of Hange’s cash. Enough to fund a short film. The three rejoice as they now have a small shot of the Hollywood dream. They agree to make a short film based on their experience.

RING! Xano’s phone goes off. He picks up. It’s a mysterious man who warns him of the retaliation there will be for Hange’s death. He states that Xano, Daisy, and Irrfan will not leave Hollywood alive. Tired of feeling helpless his whole life, Xano warns the stranger that they will not back down, and to remember what happened to Hange. Offended, the mysterious man asks who the hell they think they are for warning him. They respond with a simple statement:

“We’re the Risk Takers”.

Directed by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)

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