The Pizza Paradox

“The Pizza Paradox” is a short dramedy. It runs about 18 minutes. It tells the story of an Indiana man named Felix who has a stable job as a Laundromat Manager but absolutely despises his job and wants so much more. He has big ideas and believes he has a brilliant idea for a book that details what he thinks is society’s hypocritical love affair with pizza, hence the title “The Pizza Paradox” and desires to quit his job and write his book. But is this really a great idea or is this a fantastical pie-in-the-sky delusion?

This is why his close friend Marta must act as the voice of reason and pragmatism. Marta wants to make sure Felix is not in too over his head. She feels she must prevent Felix from making such a potentially foolhardy choice given his life struggles. Will she succeed or should Felix follow his passion?

Based on a multiple award-winning script, The Pizza Paradox is a funny, strange, dramatic, and moving film with wonderful performances and a quirky, yet thought-provoking story.

Felix Grant is a frustrated man who longs for greatness. He thinks that he has a brilliant idea, but it all may be illusion.

Marta Semple is his friend who acts as the voice of rationality, guarding against Felix’s proclivity to daydream.

Directed by Abhisek Roy (USA)

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