Women and Elephants

Gwen and Paul are life-loggers and life partners locked inside during a global shutdown until Gwen discovers a blip in her life and must leave. Trouble ensues when she doesn’t make it out the door but instead ends up right where she started as the days bleed together and reality crosses wires with dreams. Is Gwen simply forgetting? Or is there something more sinister happening?

Reminiscent of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ mixed with ‘GaslighWomen and Elephants combines the unsettling feeling of taking place five minutes into the future while tapping the timeless narratives of the collective past. It explores our very human desires for love, stability, and proximity to power; but also our willingness to make the truth fit whichever narrative helps us attain these desires.

Directed by Barbara Stepansky (USA)

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