I Elect: Power Every Four Years

The protest film “I ELECT: Power Every Four Years” is a call-to-action about anti-racism, champions the power of voting, reveals a personal side of the COVID pandemic, and aims to raise awareness about the current dangers of voter suppression .

The story was first inspired by the brave Parkland students who were victims of the mass shooting at their High School, including the survivors who went on to become heroic activists for change in our society.

The monologue performance by Carey Brianna Hart was filmed in September of 2020, during the COIVD pandemic to protest against the attempts to suppress voting rights and to encourage people to vote during the 2020 presidential election. We could not have imagined that one year later, and beyond, the voting rights themes of this film would be even more crucial due to all of the attempts to restrict voting that are still happening today.

The electrifying one-woman, one-act theatrical scene is originally from a stage play that has been adapted to film and is 26 minutes long.

Bella’s story . . . In the grip of the COVID pandemic, just days before the 2020 presidential election when there was so much apprehension in the community, a woman in Miami recalls her shock four years ago on the previous election night of 2016, with renewed feelings of dread about this time around. The recollection of that blistering night as she watched those fateful election results sparks a memory that shatters her nerves ‒ as we witness her working her way through to a revelation of personal power.

Alone now, out of work and losing hope because of Covid-19’s chokehold on America, she struggles to breathe through painful memories in front of the video camera she has set up at home to record her message. As a way out of this downward spiral, she decides to make a video message to her fellow voters. She decides to give testimony to power. The power of voting.

“I ELECT: Power Every Four Years” is a one-act, one woman show created and written by Bill Spring. The role of Bella is brilliantly performed by Carey Brianna Hart, who delivers a tour de force monologue. Ricky J. Martinez directed the film version of this project. Produced by Jose Lima. The Director of Photography is Dennise Perez. Location assistance provided by Locust Projects.

Viewers say they have to step back from their screens ‒ in a good way ‒ when watching this performance.

Bella realizes that although the power of the people has been chipped away these past four years after the 2016 election, each of us still has the power to elect.

In what feels like the blink of an eye, we watch her claw her way out of the mess of the past four years of 2016-2020, and the agony of the pandemic, as she rings a Buddhist bell. Her bell of truth is a talisman from her deceased husband, and a clarion call to vote.

Directed by Ricky J. Martinez (USA)

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