2023 Annual Awards: Nominees

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Best Indie Short

Guan C·X812 by Yizhi Lin (China)

The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race by Shane Crosland (Australia)

The Visit by Mitchell Linden (USA)

Best Drama Short

A Yemeni by Alyssa Amer (USA)

Could You Please Repeat That? by Minnie Nguyen (USA)

Ellie by Fernando Bonelli (Spain)

Best Student Short

Sunflower by Mingjie Tang (USA)

Vacationland by Joseph Louis Coleman (USA)

Zeroth Law by Junbo Qiu (China)

Best Documentary Short

Climate Diaries: Heather’s Story by Ali Scattergood and Berit Anderson (USA)

Mad Martha by Jesse Leaman (Australia)

Send Nudes by Jonny Kapps (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Da Capo – The Town of Music by Darc Mavid (Germany)

Normally Mormon by Tyler Schuelke (USA)

The Guitar Thief by Miguel Lepe Jr (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

A Little Inflamed by Thomas Allen (USA)

Old Time Radio by Joel B Harlow (USA)

Tiger Lily by Emmett Kowalski (USA)

Best Action Short

Dream War by Kevin Barile (USA)

Evacuation Point by Hiram Zhou (China)

Hometown Boys by Jamie Sutor (USA)

Best Crime Short

Dead Right There by Steven J Sabell (USA)

One More Minute by Srishti Chhabria (UK)

Tito by Anthony Notarile and Andy Tworischuk (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

Bläckfisk by Sarah Hanner (USA)

The Fourth is of a Devil by Revaz-Giorgi Arveladze (Georgia)

The Harbinger of Death by Kenneth Yeung (USA)

Best Mystery Short

Echoes by Anthony Kalmeta (USA)

The Perimeter by Joel Korhonen (Finland)

This Be the Verse by Noah Chandler Hense (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Le Buron by Léo Pons (France)

The Madman by Kalle Saarinen (Finland)

Underwater by Yuang Lin (China)

Best Horror Short

7 Minutes in Hell by Shane Spiegel and Justin Reager (USA)

Check The Locks by Eric Larson (USA)

Virgil by Christopher Stevens (USA)

Best Gore Short

Dead Slate: Beginnings by Tony C Vardon (USA)

Loud by Nozomi Tomaki and Kyosuke Koizumi (Japan)

Naked Zombie Girl is Back! by Rickey Bird (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Imajuik by Marc Fussing Rosbach (Greenland)

Stepmother by Joakim Pusenius (Finland)

The Eye: Calanthek by Aaron Sims (USA)

Best Fantasy Short

Checkpoint by Jason Sheedy (USA)

Triggered by Mario Ricardo Rodriguez and Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm (USA)

Widow by Elias Hinojosa (USA)

Best Animation Short

The Factory by Gizmo Beardon (UK)

The Thief by Arturo Brena (USA)

Wall-E’s Old Man by Jeff Blyth (USA)

Best Children Short

Hologramme by Marcel Simoneau (Canada)

The Empyrean by Hannah Smith (Australia)

Timeless in the Metaverse by Susan Mey Lee Lim, Samudra Kajal Saikia, and Christina Teenz Tan (Australia)

Best Women Short

Hardly What You Want to Hear by Christine Marshall (USA)

The Long Game by Lauren McLaughlin (UK)

This Little Girl by Annette Westwood (UK)

Best LGBTQ Short

Gnaw by Rosalee Yagihara (Canada)

The Lonely Doryman by Noah Duarte (Portugal)

The Wall by Valeska Miller (USA)

Best Romantic Short

A Love Song At The End Of The Time by Miao Yike (China)

Das Duas Uma by Bernardo Gomes de Almeida (Portugal)

Letters for Lost Lovers by Faisal Ahmad (UK)

Best Experimental Short

Bona To Vada by Masha Ko (USA)

Safer This Way by Danny Erb (USA)

Wither With Her by Jason W Hammond (Canada)

Best Microfilm

Defy the Odds by Corry Wiens (USA)

Thirst by Yuca (USA)

You Can’t Stop What’s Coming by John David Cranman (USA)

Best Music Video

Abandon by Jeff Hilliard (USA)

Övergivenheten by Hanna Oldenburg and Johan Kuurne (Sweden)

Rei Ami by Samantha Long (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Above Us by Pierre Fittante (France)

Blackwater Blues by Stephen Wise (USA)

Night Visit by Abdul Stone Jackson (USA)

Best Female Director

Annette Westwood for This Little Girl (UK)

Masha Ko for Bona To Vada (USA)

Minnie Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Best Male Director

Joakim Pusenius for Stepmother (Finland)

Mitchell Linden for The Visit (USA)

Jason W Hammond for Wither With Her (Canada)

Best Student Female Director

Alyssa Amer for A Yemeni (USA)

Mingjie Tang for Sunflower (USA)

Srishti Chhabria for One More Minute (UK)

Best Student Male Director

Joseph Louis Coleman for Vacationland (USA)

Pierre Fittante for Above Us (France)

Yuang Lin for Underwater (China)

Best First Time Female Director

Christine Marshall for Hardly What You Want to Hear (USA)

Lauren McLaughlin for The Long Game (UK)

Rosalee Yagihara for Gnaw (Canada)

Best First Time Male Director

Faisal Ahmad for Letters for Lost Lovers (UK)

Joel B Harlow for Old Time Radio (USA)

Shane Crosland for The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race (Australia)

Best Actress

Fawn Ledesma for A Little Inflamed (USA)

Janet McTeer for Vacationland (USA)

Krissy Lemon for Hardly What You Want to Hear (USA)

Best Actor

Alexei Bondar for Tito (USA)

Long Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Teddy Larsen for Tiger Lily (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Claire Shenstone Harris for Wither With Her (Canada)

Madeleine MacMahon for This Little Girl (UK)

Mardy Ma for Sunflower (USA)

Best Supporting Actor

Daniel Dasent for Sunflower (USA)

Tom Watson for This Be the Verse (USA)

Wigz Woorld for Wither With Her (Canada)

Best Child/Young Actress

Amélia Marques-Galbicsek for The Visit (USA)

Irene Aragón for Ellie (Spain)

Sydney Lovering for What a Harvest (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

Aidan Wallace for Virgil (USA)

Akira Simoneau for Hologramme (Canada)

Tom Cross for Unbidden (UK)

Best Acting Duo

Antoine Tomé and David Levadoux for Le Buron (France)

Jordan Van Clief and Tyler Schuelke for Normally Mormon (USA)

Ryan de Quintal and Christopher John Karr for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Catherine Kanter, Tom Price, Greta Bellamacina, and Michael Simkins for The Long Game (UK)

Jane Merrow, Guy Siner, Jason Farries, Amy Wallace, and Samuel Lawrence for Letters for Lost Lovers (UK)

Long Nguyen, Xiaowan Jin, Amy Bui, Ngoc Le, Myron Ordillano, Stanley Wong, Jacky Song, and Johnny D Nguyen for Could You Please Repeat That? (USA)

Best Original Screenplay

Jesper Wallenius for The Perimeter (Finland)

Lufe Berto for One More Day (Brazil)

Shane Crosland and David Hungerford for The Chieftain Of The Pudding Race (Australia)

Best Cinematography

Grant Duncan for Bona To Vada (USA)

Léo Pons for Le Buron (France)

Stuart White for Letters for Lost Lovers (UK)

Best Editing

Andrew McKee for Letters for Lost Lovers (UK)

Anthony Kalmeta for Echoes (USA)

Jeremy Deneau for Bona To Vada (USA)

Best Original Score

Jeffrey Wilson for Bona To Vada (USA)

Misha Segal for Letters for Lost Lovers (UK)

Tobias Lilja and Marc Fussing Rosbach for Imajuik (Greenland)

All Nominated Films (A-Ha): 2023 Annual Awards

All Nominated Films (Ho-TheG): 2023 Annual Awards

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