One More Minute

A deaf store owner is caught amidst the violent robbery of her store, where she must try to escape against all the odds.

Everything is as it seems at the local license store. The pale fluorescent lights reflect off the polished floor where Arianna , the deaf owner, works diligently around the aisles while Michael, her employee, lets himself get drawn into a bet by the elderly but mischievous Mr Khan. At the other corner Travis Jr, a shy young customer shuffles around looking for something , like every customer there that evening.

Arianna doesn’t have reason to suspect anything when the masked Silas grabs her and holds a gun to her head, commencing his robbery. Her hearing aid breaks, and her world is plunged into silent chaos. People on their knees, crying, praying and shaking with fear. Arianna gives Silas all the money from her till but it’s still not enough. Panic and confusion breaks out amongst the group and Arianna realises that this is a fight for their lives .

The adrenaline sets in, the heart rate slows, her plan becomes clear. She obeys Silas’ every command, cleverly luring him into a false sense of security while waiting for the right moment. Travis Jr shows himself for who he really is and takes charge. That is when Arianna strikes and begins fighting back with her determination and wits, despite her efforts an innocent man ends up dead. All seems lost, but cracks start to appear between Silas and Travis and Arianna is granted one last chance to escape with her life. She will have to take back her right to live or be silenced forever herself.

Directed by Srishti Chhabria (UK)

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