I Did, Did I? is a groundbreaking and unconventional short film exploring the darker side of the human experience. The film is a palindrome from the title of the film, to the the script, to the character names, to the musical score. The pain in I Did, Did I? is the same moving forward as it is backwards. This creative palindrome film is told from the perspective of Ava, a young woman who is struggling with her reality. Ava is lost in the reality of her mind and can’t escape her world. The world Ava is in is different than that of her love Renner. Renner desperately wants to protect Ava from the dangers of her reality that repeat on an endless edge. RENNER is the only thing standing in the way of an unfortunate fate but will that be enough to save Ava?

Directed by Michael Caden and Darin Eaton II (USA)

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