Uncanny Valley: Belly

Uncanny Valley is a series focusing on restaurants and chefs in Phoenix, Arizona. Belly is the pilot episode, taking the audience on a deep dive into this asian-fusion restaurant, where the owners tell us about how it came to be, the philosophy that guides them, and how they created a menu and atmosphere that has made it one of the best new restaurants in the Phoenix area.

A note from Executive Producer Chuckie Duff: “I had always wanted to document the process of the creatives that our company invests in and develop spaces for in the food and beverage industry. Having worked with Anthony DiMaria on Teenage Badass, I knew he and his team at Odd Galaxy could capture what I’ve witnessed for the last few years being business partners with Instrumental Hospitality as they created Belly and subsequently expanded it into a second location. We’ve got a handful of other projects in the works with IH and other restaurant partners here in Phoenix that I am looking forward to showcasing in future episodes of Uncanny Valley.”

Directed by Anthony A. DiMaria (USA)

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