Emaciated beings in a desolated landscape stand out in front of suspended remains. The poses of these silhouettes make the human figure almost animal, hardly recognizable. Can we detect in this ghostly wall the spectres of the people to which these abandoned moults belonged, these remains of a past existence? A past represented by the hanging manes, like so many traces of disappeared people who still wander in the vacant spaces or what is left of them, lost echoes.

The human presence here is one with a dissolving universe, displaying a kind of animality in organic fusion with its environment. A distressing symbiosis occurs through an ultimate choreography in a desolate landscape. Many perspectives are mixed in an ambivalent way, including the tenuous connection between life and death, between nature and mankind in danger. Can this interaction end otherwise than by annihilation or enjoyment, in an engulfing drive discharge, a vital effusion that waters and nourishes ?

Directed by Johanne Chagnon (Canada)

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