The Cloaked Realm “The Knight and the Queen”

Based on and inspired by the 1899 short story “Moxon’s Master,” “The Knight and the Queen” follows eighteen-year-old Athena and her twin sister Agatha, as they attend a mysterious ball and technology exhibition during an unexpected solar storm. While at the event, the two sisters discover a remarkable breakthrough that is strangely not receiving the attention it deserves. Later that night, Athena arrives unannounced at the home of her mentor, the Professor, where she makes a startling discovery that forever changes not only her life, but also the course of history.

Written over a century ago, this story explores questions that impact us today such as “Can a machine really think?” And “Could an A.I. be prone to violence?”

Series Information:

The Cloaked Realm is an adaptation and reimagining of history’s greatest but now forgotten science fiction stories. This hybrid anthology series explores the visionary work of authors whose groundbreaking ideas were decades ahead of their time.

Likely one of the most ambitious independent hand-drawn animated projects of the last decade, The Cloaked Realm is an completed 4-hour, 10-episode series making its festival premiere in 2022. In production for 8 years, The Cloaked Realm team has logged tens of thousands of work hours in order to turn this project into reality.

directed by Marisa Cohen and Peter Issac Alexander (USA)

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