Trapped in the limbo of purgatory, John’s only path to freedom is a choice between a curtain and a kite.

A concert pianist (John) finds himself in a deserted, barren land, in between a red kite and a floating curtain.

Music familiar to him starts coming from within the curtains, John dives in, transporting him to his childhood home. As John begins to play the familiar tune he heard, his late alcoholic father appears to remind him of his incompetence as a son, planting a seed of generational trauma.

Moments of John’s life flashes by, from joyous moments of celebrating his child’s pregnancy with his wife, to suddenly losing his job and becoming a stay at home dad with his son. The cyclical nature of his childhood trauma is triggered in the process. John increasingly drinks more alcohol to numb his pain and projects his own insecurity onto his family, eventually leading him to the final moment of his mortality.

John once more finds himself at the barren desert, realizing his attachment to the his past mistakes has created a repetition of this never-ending cycle of suffering. In a moment of awakening, he decides to let go of his past and reaches for his souls calling (the red kite), taking him onto the next chapter.

Directed by Yoson An (New Zealand)

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