Four Hour Layover in Juarez

A group of college kids take a trip to South America to donate time building houses for the unfortunate, but when something goes wrong with their plane they are forced to land in Juarez International Airport.

It just so happens that Juarez, Mexico is the most dangerous city in the world and this group has a four-hour layover while they wait for a new plane to arrive. In four hours their lives could all change forever.

To pass the time, Caroline and a couple of her friends venture off and meet a group of locals just flying back into town. They decide to sneak off with this group to go explore the town and experience some innocent fun. However, as soon as they are lured out of the airport, they realize that the adventure is not what they were promised. Instead, it quickly becomes clear that they are being kidnapped by the local cartel. Now they have four hours to make it back to the airport or they may never get out.

Directed by Wesley Alley (USA)

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