A Dollhouse 2041- Evangelium Vitae Moderne

“A Dollhouse 2041” is a modern Gospel where we meet Nora’s descendant, the Baby Jesus and other well-known spiritual figures.
What visions does Nora have for the future many, many years after she left Thorvald and her three children? Can the theater text Ibsen wrote 150 years ago contribute to as great an impact on our culture as well-known biblical texts. To what extent can art and culture inspire us to imagine positive future scenarios? Can art give us hope for the future to the same extent as religions and spiritual stories?
Dollhouse anno 2041 is part of a larger art project called The Dance of Sins , which consists of a series of short films based on Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House from 1879.

Directed by Melanie Ekholdt (Norway)

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