Two Anxious Bisexuals

Dianne and Marie, two 30-something aspiring comedians, are tricked into a blind date. Invite anxiety to the table – literally. After a disastrous evening, they’re each happy never to see the other again, until they both need roommates. Will it be love at second sight, a debacle to forget, or will friendship take them “bi” surprise?

At its core, Two Anxious Bisexuals tells several much-needed stories: it’s an honest (and humorous) look at how queer people of all shapes and sizes live their lives; it portrays anxiety and other mental illnesses respectfully and truthfully; central to the plot is a friendship that grows from a comedy of errors. Two Anxious Bisexuals is not your average story about queer people. It’s not a coming out story, and the most interesting thing about our characters is that they’re real people – not that they’re queer. The cast of friends is comprised of people of diverse races, backgrounds, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations. Two Anxious Bisexuals is a binge-worthy comedy for your modern queer (and anyone who likes to laugh).

Directed by Megan A Zebrowski (USA)

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