Touched Perry

Perry is hungry for being touched by others. The relationship between Perry and his mother in his child hood let his heart missing something essential. He switches his job and move his place frequently with his feeling of inferiority.
Hana, an owner of dinner, talk to Perry after a trouble on the street. Hana suggests Perry to do part time job at his own shop.
Perry starts working, which is a hidden job answering phone calls from strangers and listening to them over the nights. A little boy, Ryu starts to calling Perry every week. He wants to listen to Perry’s story and they become close gradually.
One night, Ryu calls Perry at later time than usual. His mother is raising her voice behind the call and it seems she is abusing Ryu. Perry runs out the shop to find Ryu’s house.
Perry tries to make Ryu leave his mother to keep him in safe place. Though, Ryu does not want to and try to protect his mother in stead. Perry gets confused as remaining of his mother. Ryu’s mother notices some lack in common with Perry and start gives out her pain.

Directed by Nanako Irie (Japan)

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