Five True Friends

Friendship comes in many forms Anna’s life has been all about frilly dresses and dolls. Growing up in wealth Anna’s parents made sure she wanted for nothing. She had everything a little girl could want and she was loved.

Finding out that Anna would never be the same again after a tragic accident was hard news to hear. Accepting that their child would need medication for the rest of her life was even more difficult. For a short time after diagnosis, Anna’s parents took her to see Dr. Sherwood, a psychiatrist. She prescribed medication and offered advice. But Anna’s parents were embarrassed, shallow, and self serving, so they decided to just keep Anna isolated and over medicated. A secret to the world. Not long afterwards, the visits with Dr. Sherwood ended. Years later, Dr. Sherwood re-enters Anna’s life. With the doctors help Anna slowly comes out of her shell. She is adjusting in the real world with a job, a house, and “real” friends. Who could have known that Anna has a few secrets of her own.

Directed by George Orallo and Leona Krahn (Canada)

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