Sura Khan’s The Chambers – In God We Trust

The series begins with controversy in Judge Kimble’s first high-profile case in his first term as State City’s Supreme Court Judge. Marsha Owens, Kimble’s Judicial Assistant, makes a statement while on a date that ends up on the cover of the daily newspaper and is now being picked up by television news. A frantic Chief of Staff Fred Kramer wants answers before the morning staff meeting in Chambers. Kimble’s Senior Associate and political advisor Matt Canley is dealing with the heat from City Hall and advises the Judge to fire Owens at once. Media Relations Officer and Spokesperson Angela Baker is hounded by the media, who also want answers.
Fred Kramer is not happy when he learns that his new assistant is an old college associate. Kramer wants Carson Edelman to disappear until he knows that Carson is Judge Kimble’s nephew, and firing him is out of the question. Angela and Matt work out the kinks to keep a steaming City Hall and the public content. Not happy about working with his old college buddy, Kramer tries to get Carson re-assigned. Eddie & Miranda uncover information that leads them to believe that Jury tampering may be happening before their eyes after a juror passes out in the courtroom and is taken to the hospital. Judge Kimble is faced with the ongoing heat from the Atkins case and the pressure coming from City Hall. He has to decide whether to fire his secretary for making a statement to a journalist. Kimble gets a call from his old pal Mayor Bradley. This conversation sets the stage for just how Judge Kimble plans to deal with State City Politics and how he will run his Chambers.

Directed by Sura Khan (USA)

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