Fall in Line

​​A group of soldiers have one last drink before their deployment to Afghanistan. The soldiers are high spirited, but the nerves are gritting under their skin.

We follow Nadim who is of Middle Eastern descent, his well-meaning comrade Esben, the veteran Mark and an inexperienced sergeant who fights to keep the group together. After several racist remarks within the group, they are threatened with being split up and their only veteran, Mark, stands to be left out of the deployment. The other soldiers mistakenly believe that Nadim has ratted Mark out, but it is Nadim’s friend, Esben, who has defied his friend’s desire to let the conflict lie, and forces the sergeant to move on to their division commander. However, the division commander is more frustrated with losing an experienced soldier than the case of racism. Nadim has to choose between the security of the group or his own justice and has only this last night to decide.

Directed by Oliver Jacoby (Denmark)

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