Orenda, a no-budget short film that was filmed in 3 days, is about Michael and Thomas Grey, who are brothers that live on their own in their childhood home and go through a lot at a young age by losing both their parents. The oldest of the two, Michael is forced to grow up quickly and become a parent figure to his younger brother Tommy. Michael, with age, becomes quite bitter about what his life has turned into. His anger and sadness take a toll on his relationship with his brother, and views on life.

Thankfully, for Tommy, he has Victor Macias. Vic is a friend of Tommy’s & keeps the light in his life still burning. That is until a series of encounters with something in the woods, then everything seems to change.

After rushing back to the brother’s home after the encounter, Michael’s belief in them is little to none. A fight ensues between the brothers soon after, starting the downfall that Michael is left to clean up as the darkness hangs over.

The story of this film is based on the perspective of the viewer, so what will you see?

Directed by Dahson Jamie Arave (USA)

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