A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me?

The story of protagonist Blake Smith, an artist that lives in LA, played by Barrett Burnes and his journey to overcome his emotional pains, conflicts. addictions and identity crises. His single mother LYNN SMITH, played by Carla Susan Lewis, lives in New York City and works as an administrator at the Main Library Branch. She loves her only son Blake very much and is concerned about him, four months ago she suggested and offered to hire and pay for a therapist Stacey Johnson played by Ana A P Braunstein, Blake reluctantly agreed to see a therapist. Stacey truly cares about her patients and takes their issues to heart. Lately she is having to face and deal with some personal issues and problems of her own but is determined to focus her energy on her work. She feels a special connection with Blake and is thrilled to see his progress.
The antagonist, Blake’s absent father John Smith, played by David Laird Scott decides to reach out to his North Carolina long time childhood friend to ask her for a special favor. John is at a crucial time in his life and feels like he is running out of time. The events that unfold next intertwined and contributed to Blake’s finding closure, forgiveness and hope to start a new chapter in his life!

Directed by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

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