A Horse Called Possum

Evelyn and Papa live difficult, lonely lives on one of the many forested farms of 1930s rural Virginia. With almost empty stables, the recent passing of Mama, and a long-term injury for Evelyn, they both rely on Possum, their beloved horse. Disaster strikes one day when a rabid wolf wanders onto their property. Evelyn, her bad foot stuck under the tree stump she was helping move, struggles to cut Possum free from his harness. Even when freed, Possum stands his ground, protecting Evelyn and drawing the wolf away. Papa downs the wolf with his shotgun, but not before Possum gets bitten. Though Evelyn wants to travel for rabies medicine, Papa has made that trip before: for Mama. Papa knows it’s nearly hopeless, and despite Evelyn’s anger, convinces her to stay. Evelyn spends one last night with Possum. The next morning, when Papa prepares to put Possum down, a brokenhearted Evelyn steps forward to do it herself. The two separate, grieving the loss of one of their best friends. A short film created with the innovative spirit of independent filmmaking, Possum showcases excellent new talent while exploring the effects of difficult decisions on even the closest relationships.

Directed by Tori Layne (USA)

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