White Dream

White Dream

No one has seen tomorrow what is good and what is ugly.
Sometimes our cries are pranks of destiny.
The end of the story is beautiful, the end of the story is white.
If today is bitter, maybe the story has not reached its end.
(Value of ) Life is not a number, (Value of) life is to its hopefulness.
From the darkest clouds intrudes Dawn’s light.
God wrote the poem of tomorrow with a colored pencil.
Therefore, wherever you are, there is an interpretation of heaven.

Burn the body of the sun
You with the warmth of existence
Until the world becomes bright
In your white dream
Like wheat like rice
If your Hair is the hand of the wind
To get over the sadness
God has given tomorrows

About White Dream
White Dream is part of Omid (Hope) Project Includes Music Album That Try To Generate And Give Hope With The Help Of Music And Video Clips. This Project Aims To Create A Culture Of Happiness, Social Justice, Prevention Of Social Isolation For Weak And In Need Communities For Topics Related To Special Diseases Such As Cancer, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis And Etc, As Well As Child Labor And Physically Challenged Children All Over The World.At Parts Of This Project Children’s Unison For Children And Lyrics With The Context Of Hope Are Heard In International Languages With The Aim Of Reaching International Support For Solving Financial And Spiritual Challenges.

by Amir Hossein Nouri (India)

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