Living under the shadow of a curse proclaimed by Edgar Allan Poe, Dane Werther (Patrick Ruegsegger) is the manager of a couples boutique where he falls in love with a sex doll after he names it and she comes to life… or at least in his own head.

Filmed in Delaware during Covid-19 , funded by government relief checks, “Boxanne” is a wildly outrageous rom-com by filmmaker Brian Wild with screenplay by Christy Wall and cinematography by Brian T. Skinner.

Cast includes Patrick Ruegsegger as the everyman Dane Werther. Gabrielle Rambo as the loveable co-worker. Luke Nasty plays the sage like Panhandler and Angela Marie- Teague is the voice of Boxanne as well as several other characters.

NSFW! This movie contains a killer soundtrack, strong sexual humor, adult language, drug use and mannequin boobies. Well deserving of a R rating.

Directed by Brian Wild (USA)

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