P.O.W.E.R.S : Book One

River Daniels, played by Mallian Butler, has a secret. She discovers that she has super-human powers. Whether she should keep her discovery a secret or tell her parents becomes this teen’s primary focus. Unbeknownst to River, more people know about her powers than she realizes. The Daniels family has been covertly monitored for years by forces who are anxious to exploit River and powerful enough to get away with it. Hailing from an ancestral lineage of people who are the originating source of her powers, she struggles to keep a secret that key members of her family have been eagerly expecting her to reveal. When the sinister plot comes to light and her family is put in danger, River is ready to engage in a battle that will save her family and, possibly, the world. Racing against time, she must quickly prepare for the unthinkable and be ready to unleash her Powers.

Directed by Mahalia Jackson- Butler and Christopher Delao (USA)

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