Notes from the LA Nightlife, 1998-2008

Delusional Diva Productions presents:
“Notes from the LA Nightlife, 1988-2008”
-written and performed by lynda la rose
-Designed, Directed, Edited and Produced by SKY Palkowitz

Enter into poet/performance artist, lynda la rose’s delusional world of memories, moving and grooving to the beats of the Hollywood nightlife scene, circa 1988-2008.

Lynda – Artist Statement

This poem celebrates my love for nightclub life in L.A. – the wild, exciting times I’ve had and the interesting things I’ve seen. Toulouse-Lautrec would have loved “RAGE” or any other Hollywood dive on a Friday night. I get to paint my memory with my pen. Enjoy the swirling colors of a dance-floor and the steady rhythm of a DJ’s beats. Peace.

Lynda La Rose is a performance poet living in Los Angeles.
IG: @lyndarosela

Sky Artist Statement:

This short film is by far one of my favorites collaborations with lynda to date. Her ever-expansive world of words and her ability to shake up memories and stories and weave them into poetry and entertainment, really lights my fire. She writes the poem, I vibe with her vision, I give her a bunch of filming instructions, and voila, a spoken word mission is ignited.

Now, more than ever, it is time to come together as a people and respect our differences and celebrate our likenesses. It is more than Our Country that is At Stake: it is Our Planet. As Artists, it is our Responsibility to create work that helps people to Understand, Appreciate, Influence Thought & Progress Change.

I enjoy working with artists who have something important to say, and I am finding great pleasure in guiding their visions and allowing the freedom of their voices to be heard in new ways and with new technology. Without fear, without boundaries, with passion, with activism, with urgency and artistry.

Directed by SKY Palkowitz (USA)

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