Every Digital Ghost

“I never do this,” says Joe as he sees Sally for the first time on video chat. They appear to be a typical internet courtship story, in which two people are seeing each other’s faces and hearing each other’s voices after meeting on social media, writing each other long letters and chatting via IMs. They are nervous about meeting, but they have lots to talk about and it’s fun . . . for a while. But soon the mood grows dark, as Sally makes a shocking revelation to Joe, which escalates into a white-knuckle suspense game that grows darker and darker. In the end, only one of them can win. And that may one of them has to die. Shot in June of 2020 during the first and most terrifying wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Every Digital Ghost was written in a single sitting by genre scribe Stephen Romano and then performed, recorded and live edited in one take, directed by and starring acclaimed maverick filmmaker/actress Tonya Kay. It’s a “slam poem” movie of raw, experimental power, showcasing singular talents, with a compelling supporting performance by Morgan Peter Brown.

Directed by Tonya Kay (USA)

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