Music and Mental Health Episode 1 of 9

As the live music capital of the world and a city that recognizes mental health as an issue and one that can be combated by putting the right resources in place, we invite you to watch the Music and Mental Health Docuseries. All Things Austin, TX was the focus for the season 1. There has been a lot of talk about the effects of COVID-19 on people, including music artists and local business owners. What is the main goal of this docuseries: Stomping out the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health. Thought Positive Media is helping artists share their voices in a different way while still reaching the community and fans. Tina Rix is a women of the common people and for the common people. She is comfortable rolling up her sleeves and jumping right into any environment and learning from the cultures around her. She is currently enrolled at a private University in Californian and is working on her doctorate degree in mental health with an emphasis on social justice. She believes in integrating the arts and mental health/family systems, which is what her dissertation will be focused on as well. She is also an independent recording artist herself and struggles with mental health issues due to an abusive childhood which led her to become a foster child and teen parent.

This Music and Mental Health Docuseries is 9 eight-episode project that is focused on musician’s lifestyles as independent artists as they share their stories and speak on career and mental health. It also supports and highlights stories from a plethora of radio personalities; non-profit organizations; and public figures.

Directed by Tina Rix (USA)

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